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Jon David Consulting provides complete management, business & financial consulting, including, strategic growth advisory, M&A transaction consulting & services, financial & valuation modeling, operational process improvement, controls environment assessments, and interim or part-time executive services.

  • Management & Leadership Consulting

    • Team Synergy & Personality Type Assessments

    • Organizational Leadership & Effectiveness

    • Business Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals


  • Part-Time or Interim Executive Services

    • Chief Operating Officer; 

    • Chief Financial Officer, etc.

    • Board Governance & Director/Investor Relations Advisory

Financial & Business Consulting

  • Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc.

    • Startup Business Launch, Emerging & Operating Business Strategic Growth, Expansion or Diversification & Related Financing Needs Analysis 

    • Financial Modeling & Business Plans

    • Business Processes, Company Policies & Procedures, & Internal Control Environments Assessments

Mergers, Acquisitions & Other Transactions

  • M&A Transaction Consulting

  • Transaction Readiness Review 

  • Merger Partner, Acquisition Target or Acquirer Target Fit Analysis

  • Valuation Analysis & Deal Negotiations 

  • Merger, Buy-Side or Sell-Side Structure Design

  • Deal Process Execution & Oversight

Equity/Debt Fundraising Plan & Execution


  • Third-Party Funding Needs Analysis

  • Development of Offering & Disclosure Materials

  • Equity/Debt Funding Financial Scenario Modeling

  • Lender/Investor/Owner Return Modeling & Presentations

  • Owner/Investor Dilution Modeling

  • Debt Service & ROI Modeling

Executive Leadership & Management






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